During the course of my research, I found at least a few books that most of the people were referring to. Apparently, there are plenty of books on cancer (check on Amazon), but for some reason people recommend only some of them. So this list is just my suggestion where you might want to start reading. I personally own these books, although I did not finished reading yet.

1. "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin, 4th edition (2005/05). ISBN 978-0963837295. (Recommended by Dr. Drisko as a must to have to every cancer patient:

2. "The Cancer Breakthrough" by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts (2007/07). ISBN 978-1430323006. (The whole book on intravenous vitamin C and supplements)

3. "Cancer: Nutrition and Survival" by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts (2005/12). ISBN 978-1411663398. (is the latest and THE most definitive work on intravenous vitamin C)

4. "Stop America's #1 Killer!" by Thomas E. Levy (2006/11). ISBN 978-0977952014.

5. "Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins" by Thomas E. Levy (2002/09). ISBN 978-1401069636. ("painstakingly reviewed all of the research on Vitamin C")

6. "Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C" by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts (2004/05). ISBN 978-1411607248.

7. "How to Live Longer And Feel Better" by Linus Pauling (2006/05). ISBN 978-0870710964. (Timeless classics on the Vitamin C)

8. "ビタミンCがガン細胞を殺す" 柳澤 厚生 (2007/11). ISBN 978-4827550122. (The story of the brake-through in intravenous vitamin C for the wide Japanese auditorium).

Please post below if you would recommend any other books on the topic.

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Intravenous vitamin C for Cancer