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I found many people on the Internet are wondering what clinics are providing this treatment and what are the doctors that are most well known in this field. Some of them laid out the foundations for us to understand long time ago. Some others are still working to understand invisible mechanisms with tubes and animals in the test labs. Others run the official clinical trials to prove it all to orthodox community at the universities and hospitals, while others - doctors and practitioners challenge bringing hope to those who may be need it most at the field today.


1. The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning in Wichita, Kan., specializes in certain alternative medical approaches, including intravenous vitamin C:
3. Neil H. Riordan PA-C, MS Managing Director, ITL Clinic -, Aidan Clinic - The people who ran this clinic have moved to Immunology Research Center in the Bahamas (Both clinics run by Neil Riordan). See Immuno-Technologies Cancer Clinic.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA):; Cancer Treatment Centers of America said it won Food and Drug Administration approval to begin the trial, a move the Illinois-based hospital group said adds credibility to its research into alternative methods for cancer medical care, the Chicago Tribune said Thursday. It is the first FDA-approved trial for CTCA.
5. Young For Life Medical Clinic - Charles Knouse, D.O. (Intravenous vitamin C, high dose, rapid infusion, potentiated. Intravenous alpha lipoic acid)
6. Dr. Allan Magaziner, Magaziner Center for Wellness - featured on ABC News.
7. Dr Julian Kenyon - The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, London -
8. Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, (featured on CBS/WBZ) an Arlington physician offers his patients intravenous Vitamin C.
9. Charles C. Mary, Jr. Dr. Charles C. Mary III, or "Dr. Chuck" at Mary Clinic (3rd generation?). (30 years ago - used IVC since Pauling lectures), a physician in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mary Clinic -,
10. Dr. Vivienne Matalon (featured in WCCO TV clip) medical director of TLC Healthcare of Marlton, N.J., "doesn't necessarily consider it a cure, however she recommends Vitamin C to her patients as a nutritional supplement". "Loretta Hill, 42, of Pittsgrove, Salem County, sits at a faux granite table, facing a TV, chatting with two other cancer patients in the Marlton office suite of family physician Vivienne Matalon." Matalon, who sees about 15 ascorbate patients a week.
11. Mark A Rosenberg, MD - Institute for Healthy Aging - (featured ivc practicioner on FOX TV)- ,
12. Dr. Dan Martin/ Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic -
13. MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston - because it is one of the two best cancer centers in the world. Their survival rates are 77% according to US News and World Report. But they will give you second opinions if you apply online and send your reports and scans to them. They have a history of working with your local doctors and don't mind if you do not get treatment there. They do have some treatments not available elsewhere just as do other major cancer centers.
14. Moffitt Cancer Center, which is the 3rd busiest cancer center in the country.
15. Dr. Zoltan P. Rona practices Complementary Medicine in Toronto - - Whole Life Expo 2006 where he will be lecturing on the topic of IV Vitamin C Therapy for Cancer Patients.
16. Lance J. Morris, NMD - (2004) - 5 published cases of treating patients with intravenous vitamin C.
17. Dr. Gary Ruelas in Orange, CA - was referred to me from Dr. Riordan's Office - but no references on the Internet
18. is a naturopathic medical clinic located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Michael A. Prytula ("Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may kill the flies but they also contribute to the garbage. If you don’t get rid of the garbage the flies will come back" - ND and Mike Um, ND. Provides IVC treatement:
19. Pangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine -
20. Vitalia Healthcare (Vancouver, Canada) -
21. Plateroti Center for Holistic Wellness (USA, CA) -
22. Envita Natural Medical Centers of America (USA, AZ) - Envita has developed enhanced intravenous Vitamin C protocols to more effectively destroy cancer cells
23. Hall Center (USA, CA) - is using intravenous vitamin C for treating hepatitis and winter flu -
24. Dr. Dennis Best, NMD (USA, AZ) -
25. New York House Call Physicians (New York) -
26. Dr. Allan E. Sosin, M.D, Institute for Progressive Medicine (Irvine, California) - "We have employed intravenous vitamin C for the support of patients undergoing cancer therapy for years” , "has a newly renovated intravenous therapy department where IV treatments are administered in a comfortable and relaxing setting by certified nurses with many years of experience. IPM’s practice has administered over 20,000 infusions to patients with diverse health problems" -
27. Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine (Raleigh, NC) -
28. Whitaker Wellness Institute - "IV vitamin C is safe as well as effective. Here at the Whitaker Wellness Institute we've been using it (up to 75 grams per dose) for over 20 years, with no signs of toxicity" -
29. Wellbeing Medical & Counselling Centre (Victoria, Australia) -
30. Metropolitan Wellness (NYC) - "Our 14-chair IV drip room boasts one of the most beautiful settings in NYC" -
31. Centre for Advanced Medicine (NewZeland) -
32. Maine Integrative Wellness (Portland, ME) -
34. Francis Holistic Medical Center -
40. Central Park Naturopathic Clinic (Canada)
42. Patients Medical (NY, USA)
43. Center for Integrative Medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center
44. Hoffman Center (Dr. Ronald Hoffman) -
45. Dr. Best (AZ, USA) -
46. A big list of Integrative Medicine Clinics and Doctors, that might provide intravenous vitamin C:
47. List of Clinics in the United States Offering Alternative Therapies -

Clinics in Japan:

1. SPIC - Dr. Yanagisawa (the initiator of i.v. vitamin C renaissance in Japan)
2. 健康増進クリニック院長 水上 治 ( - Cの点滴を始めて1年以上経過しました。(Tokyo). 〒102-0076 東京都千代田区5番町2番地 横山ビル3階. TEL 03-3237-1777, FAX 03-3237-1778,,
1.1. 函館出身の水上治さん(60)が院長を務める東京都千代田区のクリニックでは昨年一月以来、百人を超す患者に高濃度のビタミンC点滴療法を行っている。
3. 日本赤十字社医療センター 澤登院長 - 一方で長年、日本赤十字社医療センターで血液のがんの臨床に従事してきたがんの専門医でもある。澤登院長によれば、ビタミンC大量点滴療法で、「がん患者に対しても完治は5%に満たないが、副作用の軽減や合併症の予防などには、約8割の効果」を挙げているという。
4. Antiaging Clinics in Okinawa: (talks about intravenous vitamin C tratement on a local FM radio)
5. List of clinics providing intravenous vitamin C in Japan:

Scientists & Universities

1. Dr. Mark Levine - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NIH(!). ([he] become an expert on ascorbate's "pharmacokinetics" - what the body does to the drug). [He] says doctors at the University of Kansas Medical School and
2. Dr. Jeanne Drisko (also Dr. Deena Khosh), The University of Kansas School of Medicine
3. Jefferson University - Center for Integrative Medicine - also Medical College in Philadelphia are trying this [i.v. C] therapy on cancer patients.
4. Dr. Wilson Miller - McGill University oncologist - (has $300,000 for IVC trial). (also & Dr. John Hoffer) - featured in CBC (Canada) clip)
5. Michael J. González - University of Puerto Rico (coauthor with Riordan of "Orthomolecular Oncology Review: Ascorbic Acid and Cancer 25 Years Later")
6. Jorge R. Miranda-Massari - University of Puerto Rico
7. Edna M. Mora - University of Puerto Rico
8. Angelik Guzmán - University of Puerto Rico
9. Angel Román-Franco - University of Puerto Rico
10. Dr. Daniel Monti, director of Jefferson's Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine and study's lead investigator (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Jefferson's Kimmel Cancer Center, along with the National Institutes of Health, plan to begin enrollment within the next few weeks of 20 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients)
11. Drs. Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts (PhDs) (2005) - is the latest and THE most definitive work on IV Vitamin C and associated synergetic factors. (MarianUK - I chatted to Dr Cathcart and Dr Hickey and Dr Roberts plus used the Kansas University protocol).
12. Dr. Robert Cathcart [Kefkard]. Publications List:
13. ? -> Dr. John Hoffer, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research. "Dr. John Hoffer, a professor of medicine at McGill University"
14. Dr. Frederick Klenner (died in 1984) repeatedly described in his many papers, vitamin C must continue to be administered in appropriately high doses until a positive clinical response is seen.
15. Dr Thomas Levy, a doctor from Colorado, has painstakingly reviewed all of the research in his book Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable.
16. The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) - recommended by Dr. Drisko to contact to find phisicians who can administer intravenous vitamin C.
17. I give high marks to Shawn Rhea for supplying details about a 1971 IAA clinical trial that involved 50 terminally ill cancer patients, and a similar trial in Scotland a few years later. Both studies found that IAA extended the expected life spans of the subjects. (No "false hope" there.).
18. Dr. Prasar(?)... - Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research - University of Colorado.


(These are good places to search for the intravenous vitamin C practitioners in your area.

1. The American College for Advancement of Medicine is a medical society that educates health-care professionals about alternative therapies. It teaches vitamin C infusion protocols as part of training in chelation therapy. It has a physician referral phone line (1-888-439-6891) and a searchable online physician directory. This directory is the largest and most up-to-date directory of integrative medicine physicians. It also includes English speaking practicioners in Japan. "Interest is definitely growing," said Kenneth Bock, physician and president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, an alternative-medicine society that teaches ascorbate infusion protocols.
2. ASCO (the American Society of Clinical Oncology) - there are some major breakthroughs being made. Get onto the ASCO patient website.
3. Canadian Complementary Medical Association ( or
4. Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (
5. The American Cancer Society is a national research, education, advocacy, and service organization. It offers information on alternative therapies. A Web page on vitamin C is at (information is 10 years old):
6. The National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine has information about treatments, research, and clinical trials:

Old School:

1. Having had the opportunity to attend several lectures given by speakers such as Linus Pauling, holder of two Nobel prizes, and Frederick Klenner, M.D., a physician experienced in the treatment of disease with high doses of Vitamin C
2. Dr. Hugh Riordan M.D - (19??-2005) MD of the Center For the Improvement Of Human Functioning International in Wichita, Kansas. Is probably the world expert on IVC.
3. Abram Hoffer, MD of Victoria, British Columbia (Dr. Abram Hoffer is a Victoria psychiatrist who knew Linus Pauling)- long standing IVC practitioner, has his own clinics, hosts radio show(?) (has a book with Pauling: "Vitamin C & Cancer: Discovery, Recovery, Controversy" (Paperback) by Abram Hoffer & Linus Pauling:
4. Linus Pauling

Other Lists:

The following are list that I still did not have time to go through.
1. at least 3 references to IVC practitioners:
2. ### TBD### 20-30 clinics PROVIDING IVC!!! List of Alternative Clinics:
4. Others: (full list - 70entities):

Major Cancer Clinics:

These are just for my reference the largest cancer clinics. At the moment, unfortunately, most of them do not provide intravenous vitamin C therapies. Some day in the future they will also will have to start...
1. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. - leading cancer centers in US (warns against IV Vitamin C USA)

Personalized Chemotherapies:

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