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Here are more news and video clips from major news agencies. While some of them give more detailed reports on the subject, some other are most likely not sure what to say.
1. CNN
(International) "Vitamin C can keep you healthy, looking younger" (2008/02/27). "High levels of C given intravenously seem to be toxic to cancer cells (studies on vitamin C taken orally showed no effect on cancerous cells). Intravenous C appears to trigger the formation of hydrogen peroxide, which kills some cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed, says lead study author Mark Levine, MD, chief of the molecular and clinical nutrition section and senior staff physician at the National Institutes of Health. Levine says doctors at the University of Kansas Medical School and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia are trying this therapy on cancer patients".
2. WJZ
(Baltimore) - (2007/12/04) "Vitamin C & Cancer" [Video].
3. CBS
(Canada) - (2007/09/14) "Vitamin C Slows Some Tumors". [Video].
(New York) - (2006/11/27) "Cancer Fighter: Vitamin C & Cancer" [Video] "Some Doctors Treat Cancer With Vitamin C" [Story].
6. ABC -
(2006/11/08) "Vitamin C as a Cancer Fighter" [Video], [Story].
8. WCCO (Minneapolis) - (2006/11/06) "Cancer Fighter: Vitamin C & Cancer" [Video].
9. KCAL/KCBS (Los Angeles) - (2006/09/21) "Cancer Controversy" [Video].
10. WJZ (Baltimore) - (2006/09/21) "Vitamin C Cancer Treatment" [Video].
11. CBC News (Canada) - (2006/03/29) [Video]. "Vitamin C deserves another look, cancer researchers say" [Story].
12. BBC (UK) - (2005/09/13) "Vitamin C 'helps to fight cancer'". "High doses of vitamin C injected into the bloodstream may help fight cancer, a US study says.. Scientists found that intravenous vitamin C in the form of ascorbate killed cancer cells in lab tests.. The effective dose was around four millimoles, a concentration much higher than an oral dose but easily achievable by intravenous infusion".
13. FOX News - "Vitamin C Helps Fight Cancer" [Video]
14. FOX News (US) - (2005/09/12) "Study: Vitamin C May Fight Cancer" [Story].

Videos from the conferences

"The Power of Vitamin C" [Video] - Dr. Contreras of the Oasis of Hope hospital located in Tijuana, Mexico details his new protocol for the treatment of cancer. Using only Oxygen and Vitamin C, Dr. Contreras has shown cancer cells can be killed by using pro-oxidant therapies. Advanced Detoxification and Gene Based Medicine conference hosted by Dr. Garry Gordon (2007/03/10-11).
2. "Question and Answer Day 1" [Video] - Dr. Garry Gordon and Dr. Francisco Contreras host a Question and Answer session at the end of the first day of the Advanced Detoxification and Gene Based Medicine Conference. Particularly interesting discussion of supplements used with intravenous vitamin C (2007/03/10-11).
3. "Vitamin C Can Change Your Life" [Video] - Dr. Garry Gordon at the Advanced Detoxification and Gene Based Medicine Conference. Please see the last part of the presentation witch is spefically on Vitamin C. (2007/03/10-11).
4. Thomas Levy, M.D., "Vitamin C For Heart, Cancer & Infectious Diseases" - 35th Annual Cancer Convention - (2007/09/01). The breakthrough effectiveness of Liposomal-Encapsulated Vitamin C.
5. Garry Gordon, M.D.“Chelation Therapy – EDTA, Vitamin C, RNA & More”. 34th Annual Cancer Control Convention (2006/09/02-04).
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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a new hope to many cancer patients left out with the only perspective of chemotherapy and radiation. It might be the first considerable breakthrough in a fight with this cruel disease that is reaching the epidemic proportions. I wish media to give more focus on healthy lifestyle and treatments like this.

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