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While there is a big number of scientific research publications on the topic, here is a quick list of the major articles that detail the theory and practice important to know. Some of them are the fundamental studies completed few decades ago and some of them are just recent (2005-2007).
1. Chen Q, Espey MG, Sun AY, Lee JH, Krishna MC, Shacter E, Choyke PL, Pooput C, Kirk KL, Buettner GR, Levine M (2007). "Ascorbate in pharmacologic concentrations selectively generates ascorbate radical and hydrogen peroxide in extracellular fluid in vivo". Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2007 May 22;104(21):8749-54. Epub 2007 May 14. PMID 17502596. "Ascorbate (ascorbic acid, vitamin C), in pharmacologic concentrations easily achieved in humans by i.v. administration, selectively kills some cancer cells but not normal cells". "... These data provide a foundation for pursuing pharmacologic ascorbate as a prooxidant therapeutic agent in cancer and infections".
2. Yeom CH, Jung GC, Song KJ (2007). "Changes of terminal cancer patients' health-related quality of life after high dose vitamin C administration". J. Korean Med. Sci. 22 (1): 7-11. PMID 17297243. "Although there is still controversy regarding anticancer effects of vitamin C, the use of vitamin C is considered a safe and effective therapy to improve the quality of life of terminal cancer patients".
3. Padayatty SJ, Riordan HD, Hewitt SM, Katz A, Hoffer LJ, Levine M (2006). "Intravenously administered vitamin C as cancer therapy: three cases". CMAJ, 2006 Mar 28;174(7):937-42. PMID 16567755.
4. Chen Q, Espey MG, Krishna MC, Mitchell JB, Corpe CP, Buettner GR, Shacter E, Levine M (2005). "Pharmacologic ascorbic acid concentrations selectively kill cancer cells: action as a pro-drug to deliver hydrogen peroxide to tissues". Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2005 Sep 20;102(38):13604-9. Epub 2005 Sep 12. PMID 16157892.
5. González MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Mora EM, Guzmán A, Riordan NH, Riordan HD, Casciari JJ, Jackson JA, Román-Franco A (2005). "Orthomolecular oncology review: ascorbic acid and cancer 25 years later". Integr Cancer Ther, 2005 Mar;4(1):32-44. PMID 15695476. "The objective of this review is to provide an updated scientific basis for the use of ascorbic acid, especially intravenously as adjuvant treatment in pharmacological nutritional oncology".
6. Riordan HD, Riordan NH, Jackson JA, Casciari JJ, Hunninghake R, González MJ, Mora EM, Miranda-Massari JR, Rosario N, Rivera A (2004). "Intravenous vitamin C as a chemotherapy agent: a report on clinical cases". P R Health Sci J, 2004 Jun;23(2):115-8. PMID 15377059.
7. González MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Mora EM, Jiménez IZ, Matos MI, Riordan HD, Casciari JJ, Riordan NH, Rodríguez M, Guzmán A (2002). "Orthomolecular oncology: a mechanistic view of intravenous ascorbate's chemotherapeutic activity". P R Health Sci J, 2002 Mar;21(1):39-41. PMID 12013679.
8. Padayatty SJ, Levine M (2000). "Reevaluation of ascorbate in cancer treatment: emerging evidence, open minds and serendipity". J Am Coll Nutr, 2000 Aug;19(4):423-5. PMID 10963459. The study back in 2000 urged for the reevaluation of the results of Mayo clinical trials. It is pointed out the difference between intravenous and oral vitamin C. "Recent data show that intravenous but not oral administration of ascorbate can produce millimolar plasma concentrations, which are toxic to many cancer cell lines. We propose that ascorbate treatment of cancer should be reexamined by rigorous scientific scrutiny in the light of new evidence".
9. Cameron E, Pauling L (1978). "Supplemental ascorbate in the supportive treatment of cancer: reevaluation of prolongation of survival times in terminal human cancer". Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 1978 Sep;75(9):4538-42. PMID 279931.
10. Cameron E, Pauling L (1976). "Supplemental ascorbate in the supportive treatment of cancer: prolongation of survival times in terminal human cancer". Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 1976 Oct;73(10):3685-9. PMID 1068480.
Research in Japan:
1. Murata A, Morishige F, Yamaguchi H. "Prolongation of survival times of terminal cancer patients by administration of large doses of ascorbate". Int J Vitam Nutr Res Suppl. 1982;23:103-13. PMID 6811475.
(studies conducted with the cancer patients in Fukuoka Torikai Hospital and Kamioka Kozan Hospitals).
Summary of the major publications in Japanese:

Also other publications of relevant interest (I still did not have time to review):

1. Jackson, J.A., Riordan, H.D., Hunninghake, R.E., Riordan, N.H.: "High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C and Long Term Survival of a Patient with Cancer of Head of the Pancreas", J. Orthomolecular Medicine, 1995; 10(2).
2. Riordan, N.H., Riordan, H.D., Meng, X., Li, Y., Jackson, J.A.: "Intravenous Ascorbate as a Tumor Cytotoxic Chemotherapeutic Agent", Medical Hypotheses, 1995 (44).
3. Riordan, N.H., Jackson, J.A., Riordan, H.D.: "Intravenous Vitamin C in a Terminal Cancer Patient", J. of Orthomolecular Medicine, 1996, 11:2.
4. Riordan, H.D., et al.: "High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C in the Treatment of a Patient with Renal Cell Carcinoma of the Kidney", J. of Orthomolecular Medicine, 1998, 13:2.
5. Gonzalez, M.J., Mora, E., Riordan, N.H., Riordan, H.D., Mojica, P.: "Rethinking Vitamin C and Cancer: An Update on Nutritional Oncology", Cancer Prevention International, 1998, Vol. 3, 215-224.
6. Riordan, N.H., Riordan, H.D., Casciari, J.J.: "Case From The Center: Clinical and Experimental Experiences with Intravenous Vitamin C", J. of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2000, 15:4.
7. Gonzalez, M.J., Miranda-Massari, J.R., Mora, E.M., Jimenez, I.Z., Matos, M.I., Riordan, H.D., Casciari, J.J., Riordan, N.H., Rodriguez, M., Guzman, A.: "Orthomolecular Oncology: a Mechanistic View of Intravenous Ascorbate's Chemotherapeutic Activity", Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, March, 2002, 21:1.
8. Padayatty, S.J., Sun, H., Wang, Y., Riordan, H.D., Hewitt, S.M., Katz, A., Wesley, R.A., Levine, M.: "Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics: Implications for Oral and Intravenous Use", , Annals of Internal Medicine, April 6, 2004, 140(7): 533-537.
9. Riordan, H.D., Riordan, N.H., Jackson, J.A., Casciari, J.J., Hunninghake, R, Gonzalez, M.J., Mora, E.M., Miranda-Massari, J.R., Rosario, N., Rivera, A.: "Intravenous Vitamin C as a Chemotherapy Agent: a Report on Clinical Cases", Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, June 2004, 23(2): 115-118.

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