Here are some other sources or places of reference. Some of them are near realtime databases, on some others the information is 4-5 years old, on some of them the information was correct since 4-5 year ago, some of the others it going to take another 4-5 years to update.
1. [Trusted] NIH
2. [] Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Institute?
3. Human Kansas Wichita (IVC Practicioners)
4. The
5. CTCA (IVC Practicioners, IVC Trials)
6. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases - Levin

Unfortunately it is not known where the wise guys gather. I would go to lister and to support them.
1. International Conference on Nutrition and Cancer.
2. American Collage for the Advanced Medicine (Drishko?)
3. Annual Tree of Life Cancer Convention (Dr. Thomas E. Levy M.D. J.D., lecture on breakthrough effectiveness of Lyposomal-Encapsulated Vitamin C)

So these are the journals from which we reading the news. I was told by one doctor that it matters to them in which jornal it was published.
1. Journal of American Collenge of Nutrition
2. CMAJ - Canadian Medical Association Journal - Canada's leading medical journal (Miller, etc.)

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Intravenous vitamin C for Cancer