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These are the stories I found on the Internet. I was looking for the information on intravenous vitamin C treatment and for the encouragement.

2. Donna Gudauskas (Baltimore) - "Intravenous Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)" - Intravenous Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) http://www.hsibaltimore.com/ealerts/ea200610/ea20061019a.html
3. Pam Stevens (New Zealand). After just five months of twice weekly treatments together with a broad range of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements the patches of cancer in my bones had completely disappeared. I have survived very aggressive, invasive breast cancer without resorting to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or drugs. Instead my chosen treatment path has been surgery, intravenous vitamin C and pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. The dose of vitamin C I have been on is 82.5 grams - initially twice a week but now once every fortnight. This has been administered since September 2005 and tolerated without any side effects other than thirst while having the treatment. http://www.breastcancertreatment.co.nz/intravenous-vitamin-c.htm
4. Denise McCabe (US) - (featured on CBS). "you're lucky if you're going to make it a year. That was the prognosis for Denise McCabe after she was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to other parts of the body. She started intense chemotherapy which left her debilitated, "I couldn't get off the couch, it was that terrible.. After just a few sessions Denise felt better and had a little more energy. And even more importantly, "I started to notice that my cancer markers suddenly started to drop," says Denise. http://wbztv.com/health/Cancer.Vitamin.C.2.582779.html?detectflash=false.
5. Don C. Hemingway (Canada) "I started Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) in July 2005 at 25 gm doses and increased to 50 gm twice weekly but when the PSA tests in September were still increasing, I started searching for more information. I made an appointment to see the Doctors at The Olive W. Garvey Center in Wichita, Kansas (brightspot.org) during November. Comprehensive testing at 'The Center' indicated that I should be taking 100 gm of IVC at least weekly. Since I could not be an outpatient, they gave me directions that I could give to a Doctor that was willing to give me the IVC. The PSA test in November at The Center was 22.5 ng/ml of serum.
"I have continued to take 100 gm IVC every 5 or 6 days since November and the PSA tests have been as follows: January 20.32, March 16.36, and May 13.6. The discomfort in the area of the prostate gland has disappeared and the declining PSA test tells me that I am on the right track.
"I have not had any side effects. The side benefits are that I have been able to continue with my regular duties, as well as play hockey and swim with my family and grand-children." http://www.hsibaltimore.com/ealerts/ea200605/ea20060524.html
6. Charles C. Mary, Jr., A physician in New Orleans, Louisiana (was practicing IVC since the times of Pauling lectures) - Not only does he recommend it for his patients, he has personal experience with the healing properties of ascorbic acid. In 1990 he developed colon cancer. Not wanting to go the traditional route of "cut, poison and burn", he decided to treat himself with mega-doses of ascorbic acid. Every day, for three months, he took 100,000 milligrams (100 grams) intravenously. Upon the persistence of his family and colleagues he agreed to have a resection of his colon after the vitamin therapy. Much to the astonishment of the surgical team and pathologists, his cancer was gone- visibly and microscopically. http://www.maryclinic.com/about.html
7. Reagan Houston, MS, PE, Hendersonville, NC United States. "They detail several regimens for various stages of cancer using a low-sugar diet, oral supplements of vitamins C & D, lipoic acid, selenium, magnesium and copper. For intensive therapy, IV vitamin C and vitamin K3 can be added. Their regimens may reduce the amount of chemotherapy needed, or, hopefully, eliminate it entirely.
As a ten year survivor of aggressive cancer, I used a similar therapy to obtain complete remission. I never needed nor had surgery, chemotherapy or radiation of any kind".
8. Loretta Hill, 42, of Pittsgrove, Salem County, sits at a faux granite table, facing a TV, chatting with two other cancer patients in the Marlton office suite of family physician Vivienne Matalon.
Each patient is tethered to an intravenous bag of C and other nutrients hung above the table that will take 40 minutes to drip into them. The fee, not usually covered by insurance, is $110.
Hill can't prove that C saved her from colon cancer, but she fervently believes it has.
She was diagnosed in 2001, at age 38, after a sudden bout of rectal bleeding. She had surgery, radiation, two courses of chemo. Six months later, the cancer was back - but had spread to both lungs.
After those tumors were cut out, her oncologist offered irinotecan, which costs about $9,500 a week. But, she says, he held out little hope. He declined to be interviewed.
By then, Hill could barely function, much to the anguish of her husband and 9-year-old daughter.
When she heard about Matalon's ascorbate infusions, she figured, "If this doesn't work, at least I'll be in a better position for more chemo."
Today, almost four years later, Hill is in college part time, plays soccer, and has no signs of cancer. Her weekly C dosage has been cut to 30 grams - about 500 oranges' worth - but she has no plans to quit because her only side effects are "fabulous hair and skin." http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=12290, Picture: http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20060810/news_1c10patients.html
9. Bill Nath (one of 3 in Levine's study)- Nath consulted experts at four major cancer centers from Wichita to New York. All recommended chemo, radiation, and removal of all or part of the bladder. Total removal would include the prostate, adding risks of incontinence and impotence.
One specialist "said if I didn't remove the whole bladder, I would die," said Nath. "It was pretty traumatic."
Nath ultimately made a choice that seemed suicidal to his wife, friends, and doctors: to keep part of his bladder and forgo chemo and radiation.
Instead, he got 30 grams of C twice a week for three months, then every month or two for four years at the Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning in Wichita. It was founded by Hugh Riordan, a physician and friend of Pauling's, now deceased.
Today, a decade after his diagnosis, Nath is cancer-free.
Levine, in collaboration with National Cancer Institute pathologists, reexamined, then published Nath's case and two others from Riordan's center. http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=12290,
10. Tami (Parkersburg, WV). I am doing the IV Vitamin C and have had great results thus far. I was diagnosed Stage 3 breast cancer. I had 8 centimeters removed from first surgery, then 3.6 more second surgery (mastectomy), then some more in a third surgery where I had found a lump in remaining lymph nodes. Following chemo, which almost killed me, I had a recurrence in the lymph nodes on the opposite side of the original cancer! At this point I went with the IV vitamin C and natural chemos, supplements and diet. My last tests showed that the recurrence of cancer was gone. My blood labs have been excellent and I am still getting one Vitamin C infusion a week. I wish more people knew about this.
11. Tricia Thompson, (Canada). He takes Morphine to numb the pain he experiences. After one round of chemo, and a bout in the hospital for illeus (bowel stopped working), he is now to sick to continue chemo at this time. He started on Int Vit C about 2 weeks ago, 50g 3x a week. He hasn't felt any improvement in his symptoms yet and said he actually feel a bit worse (Feb 21, 2007). My dad went for his blood work and although his white blood cell count was still up and his red was still low, his cancer marker count ca9-19 went fro 950 to 320. We understand this is still high, but it's definately a step in the right direction. http://www.topix.com/forum/health/cancer/T87R8EG2BCFCK2S4A/p2#lastPost
12. MarianUK - "Check other part of message board...either under supplements or diet and there will be many others that have taken Vitamin C IV" http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,7419,0.htm
14. Sandra from theDCA.com. I was having Vitamin C IV's once or twice a week for many months (until my veins were shot) and each contained 62.5 grams. (IV administration produces a much higher blood level than oral does). Plus I was supplementing with about 12-14 grams orally on my off days.
Here's a buffered vitamin C with 8 different mineral ascorbates:
http://www.aviva.ca/shop/products.asp?itemid=4843&catid=205 Sandra. http://www.thedcasite.com/dcaforum/DCForumID2/71.html
15. Iwillwin from theDCA.com "The intravenous vitamin C reduced the rate at which my PSA rose, but did not stabilize it." - Iwillwin
16. George received 30 grams (30,000 milligrams) of vitamin C twice a week for six weeks. X-rays six weeks later showed a marked decrease in the size of the tumors. George continued the injections. Six months later there was no evidence of cancer. Mr. Williams lived a relatively healthy life for another 14 years and died a few years ago of congestive heart failure at the age of 84. http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/vitamin-c-cancer-therapy-cure.html
17. The Lord led me to a new doctor who is giving Vit C IV's. I am also on a protein drink with flaxseed oil/cod liver oil. Since I started taking these supplements along with Vit C I am so amazed at how good I feel and at how much energy I have. After 10 IV's the doc will do blood work and see the miracle that has taken place.... http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,11116,0.htm
18. My PSA reading was 4460 and the cancer had covered both lungs, all my bones from my thighs to my skull (inclusive) and as well my lymphatic system. When the news of my dilemma spread I received calls and letters from friends and strangers recommending a variety of drugs, vitamins, clinics, prayrers, and doctors. Visits to oncologists at a cancer centre resulted in a prognosis that was anything but encouraging; but when one’s life is hanging in the balance, I was willing to grasp at any straw. Steroids were prescribed as well as pain killers following my visits to clinics availing alternative solutions. Eventually a lupron injection along with my regular visits to naturpathic and homeopathic establishments seemed to ease my breathing difficulties. At one of these alternative offices I have been receiving Vitamin C intravenously; along with 714X and Lipoic acid. Today, three months later, my PSA reading was 1.1. Far be it for me to single out the Vitamin C as the only antidote to my condition; likewise it is equal folly to suggest that the Lupron injection and the steroids single handedly did the trick. (It should be noted that my condition slowly began to improve after my visits to the alternative clinic, but before my visit to the hospital.) http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,11116,0.htm
19. "I personally take Intravenous Vitamin C treatments along with many others that I know who have a variety of cancers and we have experienced many successes. Some are more successful than others because there is much more involved in conquering this disease naturally than just this one treatment as powerful and effective as it is. Diet and supplements are extremely important as well. A strong immune system is the key..".
"..The quickest and most miraculous turnaround that I have witnessed took place with a friend of mine who had terminal prostate cancer and had been given three weeks to live. In just a matter of a few weeks his condition reversed and now more than a year later he is still cancer free. His story is posted on this board under the prostate cancer section. Intravenous Vitamin C TREATMENT TAKEN BY MY FRIEND FOR HIS TERMINAL PROSTATE CANCER, YOUNG MAN FROM PORTLAND WITH THYMOMA ,YOUNG WOMAN WITH BRAIN TUMOUR , MYSELF AND MANY OTHER SUCCESSES". http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,21307,0.htm
20. "He had about 12 weeks of weekly Intravenous Vitamin C/ Lipoic Acid infusions along with a 21 day course of daily injections of 714X. He did take one injection of Lupron at the beginning of these treatments. Today he has no symptoms of dis ease. He feels strong and healthy, takes no pain meds, has resumed all daily activities and his scans reflect this amazing change in his health. The oncologists who did his scans for him told him he should just keep up what he is doing." http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,20005,0.htm
22. "I was diagnosed 5 years ago with breast cancer. I have been treated for breast cancer using the IVC as my chemo. When I first started my C levels were low and my markers were in the high range. (I had the tumor removed but did not do conventional chemo or radiation). With the IVC's my C levels increased and my Cancer Markers dropped. My Cancer Markers are now in the very low range of normal. I continue to do IVC because I have ductal carcianoma insitu (pre cancer or dormant cancer cells) We don't know how the IVC effects the insitu but by maintaining an optimal level of C in my system if the insitu were to become 'active cancer' then the C would get those cells. The 'side effects' from the IVC are better over all health. I go the The Center in Wichita and am very pleased with how they work with me and for me. http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2006/jul/03/vitamin_c_treatment_shows_cancer_promise/#comment_168056

Japanese Testimonials:

1. 水上さんによると、手術後に点滴治療を受けて転移巣が消えた乳がん患者(46)や、進行性の胃がんなどの男性(77)が化学療法とともに点滴を続け、がんの進行が半年以上停止するなど、効果を示す例があった。
2. 56歳女性

3. 74歳女性

4. 73歳男性

5. 67歳女性

6. 74歳男性

7. 77歳男性

8. 54歳男性

9. 41 名前: 名無しさん@? 投稿日:2008/03/03(月) 19:42
10. 73 名前: まだまだがんばろ◆g2b2PRWegc 投稿日:2008/03/20(木) 22:55

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1. アンチエイジング専門医のひとりごと:栄養療法と点滴療法による ...-
私個人は点滴療法、メガビタミン療法に効果があることを実際の外来で経験しています。 ... (2/25). 超高濃度ビタミンC点滴療法について講演しました。 (2/22) ...hakujyukai.ti-da.net/e1951892.html
つーか、何を以って効く効かないを判断してるんだ... 「超高濃度ビタミンC点滴療法」の最大のメリットは、副作用がほとんどない点である。 ...
food8.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/supplement/1160910892/823-865 - 16k -
3. 【がん】転移・再発・進行癌18【日々】-
ここ最近はあまりに痛みがヒドいようで、びわの葉温灸すら苦しいようです。 .... 高濃度ビタミンC点滴療法(保険適用外) 癌治療最先端のアメリカNCIで現在主流になっ ...
4. 朝起きると、胃の痛みも少し減ってる?でも、朝一番で『超高濃度ビタミンC点滴療法』に行く元気はなくて昼 http://www.blogmura.com/profile/071134.html

5. Need postprocessing:


I have a wonderful oncologist who is very open to Vitamin C IV and I agreed to take it. I am very much into nutritional supplements and oral Vitamin C anyway.

He started me with 15,000 mg and we will build up to 50,000 mg.

I have been taking Vitamin C IV once a week. My cost is $148.00 for the treatment which if paid by insurance would be considered quite reasonable.

Usually, from my information, Vitamin C IV can be given 2-3 times a week but I just can't afford it.

I started with 20,000 mg on first infusion and he increased it 5,000 mg.I believe he increased the dosage 5,000 mg. nearly every two weeks. I am up to 45,000 mg now. It is diluted with saline water and I will be infused for two hours next time.

I will stay at 50,000 mg consistently when I reach that amount which should be after my next treatment.

I take 5 to 6,000 mg orally a day in between treatments which has been suggested by the articles I have read.

There is a certain percentage of saturation of tissues that can be measured by a certain machine which needs to be reached. However, he doesn't have that machine yet but intends to get it.

I am also taking artemisinin (wormwood) which when taken with Vitamin c can kill cancer cells. If you go to the following web site you can read the Thownsend report all about it.

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There is also a supplement being used in hospitals in Japan called AHCC, which is a combination of different mushrooms and it stimulates the priduction of NK cells, killer T-cells and cytokines. You can find out about it at the following web site.

--- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, url removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at http://www.cancercompass.com/common/guidelines.html " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.cancercompass.com/common/guidelines.html ----

There is also something called modified citrus pectin that men take for prostate cancer. It is supposed to stop the cancer cells from being able to stick together. I have a girlfriend who was using it when she was trying to shrink her breast tumor rather than have it removed. She has since had the tumor removed and it was smaller so she is still on the pectin. You can find it by going to --- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, url removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at http://www.cancercompass.com/common/guidelines.html ---

Of course, I always recommend making your own vegetable juice...carrots, beets, parsley, kale, collard greens or other greens.

I also take COQ10 - 200 mg, vitamin B, vitamin E -400-800 IU, grapeseed extract, alpha lipoic acid, started chlorella recently, selenium, sylmarian for the liver, acidopholus (twice a day),calcium (bone restore)and of course Vitamin C (about 5-6,000 mg a day).

Hi I notice that many people are using the IV SA (Vitamin C) 50 grams twice a week. This dose did not work for me. My tumour marker increased in fact, it doubled in three weeks and another tumour started to protude through my abdominal wall. I increased my dose to 100 grams daily then 125grams every third day. I started the IV SA the first week of July 2006 and by mid October 2006 my scan was completely clear. One tumour on the pelvic wall had disappeared and substantial tumours on the colon had vanished but the small tumour on my abdominal wall is still here but it has almost gone. My husband is a doctor and we decided to increase to 200grams daily if need be because my ovarian cancer is so aggressive and I was going down hill very quickly. I had got to the stage where I was sleeping all day and had recurrent intestinal blockages. My fentanyl dose was 125 daily with extra morphine. I had been in a hospice and hosptial for seven months.Now I take no painkillers at all and I can shop and drive again. More importantly, I can look after my four children : 24,22,20 and 4 years old.

We did the IVSA every night in our bedroom using a very fast drip to get the high saturation levels that are needed. A slow drip did not work for me. 100grams over 2 1/2 hours. With r-ala and K2 and K1.

To get the maximum tumour kill we used K1&2 or 3. B12 is also important. Go to vitamin c foundation for more details. You can download the different protocols as need be.

Everyone is different. Mine is an extremely aggressive cancer. My tumour marker can move from 7 to 1200 in two months. My highest figure was 8500.

I usually start the drip in the evening but at times when I have been really scared I have been on a drip round the clock. Vit C is non toxic so you do what you have to do to survive.

His cancer is extremely agressive and he is too weak for chemotherapy. He started Int Vit C therapy about 2/12 weeks ago, 50grms 3x week. His cancer marker has gone from 650 to 320 in that time. But he is feeling quite sick and weak. His red blood cell count is 3.89, white is 19 and Hmgbl 115.

I was also told that change of diet( no refined foods, no sugar, no withe flour, rice and coffee BUT lots of raw vegetables and fruits) and giving up bad habits like smoking and social drinking...and also reduction in stress HELPS with this treatment.

I do 50 g in 500 ml sterile water over 4 hours and now I am doing the same in 1.5 hrs to get better plasma saturation and quicker ...3 times per week. I am planning to raise my Vit C to 100 g in 1 litre of sterile water and do it in 2 hours. So far so good.

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I'm buying Vitamin C IV for my granfather direct from authorized supplier from Europe.The doctor recommended him to use 25grams each time and his health was improved.I read on several forums that are a lot of patients seeking this treatment and they can read about Vitamin C IV on supplier's blog.

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