LivOn Labs LipoSpheric C and Beyond C

This chapter contains information on two most advanced methods of oral Vitamin C delivery, allowing to approach plasma levels of Vitamin C earlier achievable only with intravenous delivery. Also it looks like there are several forms of Vitamin C itself.

Enhanced methods of oral delivery

1. Beyond C (TM). GMS ribose technology - The sodium molecule used in this product (not table salt sodium associated with hypertension) helps with enhanced cell entry. In fact, VITALITY C™ has been shown to increase the uptake of vitamin C plasma levels by 30% or more!
Fully reacted - non-acidic neutral pH. Sodium molecule used for reaction has shown to enhance entry into cell. Sodium used is different than table salt - no salt side effects. Contains special GMS Ribose with B.E.E.T (TM) (BioAvailability Enhanced Technology) Technology, which has shown to enhance the uptake of Vitamin C.
"For the first time everyone can take enough Vitamin C (4-5 grams 1-3 times daily) without the stomach upset and other side-effects that have limited the benefits of high dose Vitamin C to those receiving it intravenously". This Vitamin C product is associated with a Dr. Garry F. Gordon, who is said to be "a father of chelation therapy":
2. Lipospheric C or LiphoSpheric C (Liposome Encapsulation Technology) .
"If a person cannot take high doses of standard vitamin C, or they want to get the maximum possible blood levels, they could try liposomal vitamin C. This may be easier to tolerate and allow higher oral doses.. Use of
liposomal preparations of vitamin C may increase its effectiveness, blurring the distinction between oral and intravenous therapies".
"The IV-vitamin C is the answer, but impractical for the average person because of the cost of the treatment, the time involved and the difficulty of finding an MD to administer it".
"the problem with high dose vitamin C is that almost no one can take a therapeutic dose orally without experiencing gastric distress, and most commonly, diarrhea. Most people start having difficulty at just 3-4 grams, and even if someone can tolerate higher doses of vitamin C, studies show that 10 - 12 grams taken at once results in only about 1 or even less than 1 gram actually being absorbed. The rest migrates to the colon, and since it's highly acidic, the vitamin C attracts water from the body and causes diarrhea".

".. if a method of delivering vitamin C orally could be developed that would deliver almost total bioavailability without the usual gastric distress or diarrhea, then people could at least avail themselves of some of the wondrous benefits of high-dose vitamin C. It was not envisioned that such a product would replace IV-vitamin C, but it would bridge the gap between basically ineffective oral vitamin C and totally effective IV-vitamin C. "

"Liposome Encapsulation Technology (LED) is the answer. .. It was initially created and used by pharmaceutical companies as a method to deliver drugs to specific organs or locations in the body, without gastric juices acting on them and compromising the integrity, strength or structure of the drug.
Are you using Lipospheric C from I ask because I was talking with Dr. Thomas Levy over the weekend and although he is one of the world's leading proponents of I.V. vitamin C, he told me that he is actually seeing BETTER results with Lypo-C than with IV treatments. If this wasn't Doctor Levy, and I hadn't heard it from the horse's mouth,
I would be much more skeptical., Cindy Machman - President. 4 people. Sales: 2,000,000. LivOn Laboratories Inc. has released a list of 7,500 buyers of a vitamin C product. These direct mail customers' average purchase was $68. SELECTIONS: Gender, state/SCF/ZIP, PRICE: $135/M (base), CONTACT: Mail Marketing Inc., 201-750-3222.

3. Alacer timed-release Vitamin C - Alacer Corporation - Founded in 1972 by Jay Patrick, who developed a timed-release Vitamin C tablet that included all seven mineral ascorbates, in addition to other vitamins and minerals, and gave it the name Super Gram III. In 1978 the company expanded development to include a product containing mineral carbonates which would react in water to form a great tasting drink, simulating the animal production of the seven mineral ascorbates which humans cannot produce in their own bodies. This product is what we know today as Emergen-C. ..."true Vitamin C" is mineral ascorbates, not ascorbic acid. Mineral ascorbates can be ingested at levels 20 or more times that of ascorbic acid without fear of diarrhea or other gastrointestinal disturbance.

Types of Vitamin C

1. Types of vitamin C (5 types or more): Vitamin C comes as mineral ascorbates, ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, and in a liposome-encapsulated form. If administered intravenously, the sodium ascorbate form is always desirable for an acute illness. When not available, the liposome-coated form, called lipospheric vitamin C, appears to have a very high bioavailability with virtually no bowel tolerance dose [ie diarrhoea inducing], which typically impedes the very high oral dosing of vitamin C.
2. According to Dr. Drisko, the use of beet derived ascorbate is a medical myth in regard to it having an advantage over corn derived ascorbic acid. Bioniche one manufacturer of ascorbic acid (ordered through Wellness Pharmacy in Alabama 800-369-0302). Bioniche’s ascorbic acid product has consistently been the highest grade on certificates of analysis which has been verified through independent outside lab testing.
3. Here in Japan we use Merit Pharmaceutical, mentioned in the Dr. Riordan protocol. It is considered high quality and does not contain preservants.


Slava said...

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Anonymous said...

The Merit Pharmceutical Vit C (Mega C) is the Brand product. Bioniche is only a Contract Manufacturer for Merit. Bioniche label is used to keep product available when there is no Merit labels ready. Merit is the most popular Vit. C. and has the best price. My doctors use Merit for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Merit has its own IVC 500mg/mL and 250mg/mL IVC. Both Merit IVC are published by many International Doctor's studies and I have seen Merit IVC in the doctor's offices I go to. I think Merit is the best quality IVC used in IVC studies. Merit also has Bioniche if you ask your Doctor to call Merit 323.227.4831 or email

momof3 said...

I have tried both Livon labs lipisomal and vitality C. They are both good but vitality was impressive. Maybe because I could take more and didn't have to ration like with livon due to cost. I kept my hair during my chemo with Hodgkins. It started to shed I got IV vitamin C 20grams every other week. But I added a couple days of vitality 4gram scoups and the shedding stopped. I believe the extra C from the vitality C helped. The Livon is to much and the $35 box would only last half the time as the vitality C.

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