Can intravenous vitamin C resolve bone metastasis?

After three months of intravenous vitamin C treatment (75g, average 3 times per week) and some decrease in tumor markers (I am going to post details later), we were strike with the bone scan picture. As we do not have other bone scan picture from the time before we started the intravenous vitamin C, so there is nothing to compare to. The only one we have is 8 months old. It had 2-3 spots on a spinal cord. The current bone scan picture does not look good - with some 35% spread of the skeleton.

I have to research on the Internet to find any tracks of the intravenous vitamin C effectiveness on the bone metastasis.

1. At this stage things were looking really grim for me with cancer starting in my bones. After just five months of twice weekly treatments together with a broad range of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements the patches of cancer in my bones had completely disappeared and my bones are now in much better shape than they have been for many years.

2. once bedridden with intractable pain due to disseminated bone metastasis who, previously, was given a few weeks to live. She continued to take high dose I.V. C treatments three times a week at home. Three months after she began the I.V. C treatments she was surviving with resolution of metastasis to the skull as shown on the bone scan.
3. Her latest bone scan showed metastases to "nearly every bone in her skeleton". She was experiencing bone pain which was not controlled with narcotics. At the time or her first consultation she had blood clots in both subclavian veins, and shortly thereafter contracted cellulitis in her left arm and hand secondary to an errant arterial blood draw. After the blood clots were treated with Activase R, she was placed on intravenous vitamin C, 30 grams per day initially, increasing to 100 grams per day over 5 hours. Within one week, the once bed-bound patient began walking the halls or the hospital. Several hospital staff reported that she looked like a new person. Her cellulitis cleared, and she was discharged from the hospital. At home, she received 100 grams or intravenous vitamin C three(3) times per week.

4. "resolution of bone metastases in a patient with primary breast cancer was reported using
infusions of 100 grams once or twice per week". Riordan NH, Jackson IA, Riordan HD. Intravenous
vitamin C in a terminal cancer patient. I Ortho Med 1996; 11 :80-82.

5. Because my cancer was so advanced, Dr. Lodi suggested an aggressive approach consisting of IPT, intravenous Vitamin C, and ozone therapy in conjunction with a diet of consisting solely of fresh, organic vegetables and green juices for 2 to 3 weeks. I started on this regime immediately.

In order to expedite my body’s natural healing process, I stayed on the juice diet for six weeks, and then transitioned to a diet consisting of 100% raw, organic foods along with fresh organic green juice. I also received weekly IPT, vitamin C and Ozone treatments. Earlier in treatment, I had a PET scan which revealed the extent of the cancer. Three months after that scan, I had the second PET scan which revealed dramatic improvement.

Some of the cancer areas were completely resolved, and the others showed improvement. X-rays revealed my broken leg had healed and there was healthy new bone growth.

6. From Cameron protocol: If painful skeletal metastases are present, relief of bone pain will occur in about 5 to 7 days, enabling opiates to be withdrawn without withdrawal symptoms. Skeletal or widespread visceral metastases are associated with increased urinary hydroxyproline (UHP) excretion reflecting collagen breakdown. Within 5 days of commencing ascorbate therapy, a sharp and sustained fall in UHP excretion will be noted.

Response to treatment will also be reflected in a drop in the sedimentation rate and fall in the titer of any serum tumor protein markers (CEA etc.) if present.

Radiological signs of good response include the slow conversion of osteolytic skeletal metastases to dense osteosclerotic lesions over a period of months. In favorable cases, resorption of malignant pleural effusions and reduction in size of pulmonary metastases have been observed.

7. Use of vitamin C for bone metastasis. Postgrad Med. 1972;52(2):24.

Was it effect of Zometa or Intravenous Vitamin C?

For the last three months, while we were administered intravenous vitamin C, our conventional oncologis also prescribed us Zometa. Since we started Zometa and at the same time intravenous vitamin C, the pain from bone metastasis almost completely disapeared, our mobility increased from almost 0 (meaning laying in bed for the 75% of the day because of pain) to some 10km hiking to some 2000m height for the 4 consecutive Saturdays. Was it effect of the Zometa or Intravenous Vitamin C?

Search on bone metastasis gives lots of hits on: bisphosphonates and especially Zometa (which we are prescribed at the same time as we started intravenous vitamin C).


Zoledronic acid

spinal cord compression

potential adverse effects

Vitamin D

1. Review Article. Bisphosphonates for Treatment and Prevention of Bone Metastases

2. Zometa (zeledronic acid) benefits in treating bone mets:

3. Recommendations for Zoledronic Acid Treatment of Patients with Bone Metastases

If you know of any additional information on intravenous vitamin c treatment effects on bone metastasis - please let me know or post below.

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Hi, my dad has lung cancer and had taken just a single dose of chemo in feb and since then on natural therapy but he had bone metastases that hurt now and then. can you please let me know if vit c intravenous really works?

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