Intravenous Vitamin C Costs

So as far as this new treatement is not approved officially by the govermental agencies, we will have to keep paying for it from our own pockets. Actually, insurance companies will be even saving if more and more people will be switching from the conventional chemoterapies and radiaiton to the i.v. vitamin C. Depending on the availability of the expertise or health care provider in your area, the prices might vary.

1. Vitamin C doesn’t cost much and is very low in toxicity, making it a particularly desirable agent for further study:
2. She pays the $200 weekly costs for two treatments.
3. Two TV reports mentioned $100. For links see in the Video section.
4. Vitamin C infusions tend to range in price from $75.00 to $200. - Dr. Drisko:
5. Hall Center is charging 100USD. 2 or more treatments per week for a number of weeks are priced with a package discount -


Anonymous said...

I got my oncology clinic to prescribe it for me. My insurance picks up the cost of the tubing, needles, etc. and the home health care nurse to access me each week. I pay $20 - $50 per bag depending on the dose of C, alpha lipoic acid, and the Meyers' Cocktail ingredients in each bag. My max dose is 80 grams 3x/week for three weeks, then off for two weeks, then repeat for three weeks, and so on.

daniela gune said...

In my searches related to Vitamin C IV, i found a lot of informations that can help many patients in need of this treatment.

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Intravenous vitamin C for Cancer