Riordan, Cameron, Drisko Protocols

So here are the recipes. While most of them have much in common, most likely doses and cycles depend on the severity of the situation. The larger the speed your car is running the more often you need to push the brakes. 


1. Riordan Protocol (1997) used here in Japan:

Riordan HD, Hunninghake RB, Riordan NH, Jackson JJ, Meng X, Taylor P, Casciari JJ, González MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Mora EM, Rosario N, Rivera A (2003). "Intravenous ascorbic acid: protocol for its application and use". P R Health Sci J, 2003 Sep;22(3):287-90. PMID 14619456.

Japanese translation

2. Dr. Drisko and Dr. Khosh (to get the protocal - fax signed request to 913-588-0012).   

Cameron E (1991). "Protocol for the use of vitamin C in the treatment of cancer". Med Hypotheses, 1991 Nov;36(3):190-4. PMID 1787808.

4. Mark A Rosenberg, MD - Institute for Healthy Aging - (featured ivc practitioner on FOX TV) his protocol:,

6. Dr. Prasad's Protocol (University of Colorado) (2003):



"MarianUK" Protocol


I just found latest update from MarianUK (,10482,0.htm):

--- (04/14/2007)

Hi regarding Vitamin C therapy, it is not a cure all. I took IV vit C for four months at 100 - 150 grams a daily. Sometimes we had to put in through my feet as all the viens collapsed. My Ca125 rose from 18 - 2500 in three first I was told that my scan had become clear with the treatment then we realised that they were looking at the wrong scan report. I was in fact coverd in tumours again. This was my third reoccurence  in 18 months.


The vit C is contraindicated in abdominal tumours we have since learnt as it encourages ascites. I developed 17 pints of fluid and a blood clot nearly died, whilst taking the infusions. I came if the IV c and took chemo again ( 3rd course in two years). The chemo worked at first and now I'm on my fourth reoccurence in two years.


I had a friend who has since died who use IVC as well. She also developed ascites  and fluid around her lungs.

 I am married to a doctor so I was monitored and looked after wonderfully. Unfortunately IVC does not always work. Sorry to put a downer on this. I am now looking at NCD virus therapy and still praying. I am 26 months past my sell by date. Thanks to God and great medical intervention. Marian. 



Here is the most encouraging and extreme protocol described on the, of the person, who desperately tried to survive, and whose husband was a doctor. They mention that they personally talked to major specialists in the field, like Dr. Hickey, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Cathcard, Dr. Drisko (Kansas University). Thus I think this a the most highly knowledgeable (they talked to most of the specialists in the field), advanced (they tried different settings, by their try and error), highly tuned protocol existing on the Internet. I think it is extremely worth learning from it.
I tried to highlight the major findings. Colors: Frequency, Dose, SpeedPeriodSupplements, Effect, ConditionSide-effects, Advice, Notice.

Hi, I just wanted other women like myself who have advance ovarian cancer 3C to know that IV vitamin C has helped to put me in remission. I took 100grams daily by IV from July 2006 - Sept and now my CT scan is clear. The scan report previously showed a tumour in my pelvic area 1.5cm plus substantial cancer on my colon (I already have a colostomy from past surgery for mets). I had already had two courses of chemo that had not worked and I refused the third course due to fear of felling so ill again. I took VPS and omega 3, salvestrol etc., a strict vegan diet with no sugar or yeast etc., and so far so good. Considering I was given only six months to live I am thrilled. I hope and pray that I remain clear as at one time my CA125 was 8500 (Jan 2005). I have been in hospital and a hospice for seven months which was terribly hard on my family. I have four children the youngest is only four. Please consider IV vitamin C if all else fails. ... Marian  


.... I used 50 grams daily for a few weeks but developed another tumour and my CA125 tumour marker continued to rise. I decided to increase right up to 200 grams daily . My husband is a doctor so he was monitoring me. By the time I had increased to 125grams daily the tumour had disappeared. It became increasingly difficult to administer due to vein thrombosis. This was a side effect of the chemo so I had a PICC line put in but that failed and all my blood vessels started to thrombose. I added r-ALA to the IV Sodium Ascorbate but reacted to it so just took the r-ALA orally instead.After about six weeks of daily infusions I decided to give the IV treatment a rest until I had a central line put in. This was going to be done at the same time as I was going to have another biopsy. I was only going to have chemo if I knew which chemo was going to help so a biopsy was needed for an assay. By the time I had a scan to check the progress of the cancer it had all disappeared. We were all so shocked and delighted. So far I have been off the IVSA for one month but hope to start again tonight. I understand that the cancer can come back very aggressively if the IVSA is stopped too suddenly. We will use 100 grams twice a week for another two years. I only used testing once to check the saturation level and the lab did the wrong test and tested for B6 instead!! So no we didn't bother with level testing. 50grams did not work for me or for a few others that I know. I also made the mistake of taking a slow drip at first maybe over four hours this is not helpful it needs to be 50grams over 60 minutes followed by 50grams over 120 minutes for the best results. I chatted to Dr Cathcart and Dr Hickey and Dr Roberts plus used the Kansas University protocol. My local hospital and hospice said that I was a very difficult patient because I was suffering from denial. That I would not admit that I was dying that I was making things more difficult for my family by trying these unproven methods of treatment. They just thought I was sad and desperate. I was, and thankfully I am now really well just three months after starting IVC and 3 months into my prognosis of less than 6 months survival. What cancer do you have?What side effects with IVSA- nausea when completing the 125grams dose and general difficulty getting the needle in leading to anxiety. Make sure you drink vast amounts of water with the IVSA. But it was a great deal easier than chemo. I could tell the cancer was dying by the smell of my urine and sweat. It was the same smell as when the chemo first started to work. ( Sorry to be so graphic) Unfortunately two courses of chemo did not put me in full remission. My tumour returned in less than a month after finishing the course and it was even more aggressive. I will give all glory to God. Marian.


10/29/2006 Here is other person responding:

"I will show my oncologist your letter and we have discussed it with Dr. Riordon's , Center for Improvement of Human Functioning and that is the protocol they seem to be using.



Regarding your IV drip, instead of taking 50grams twice a week you may consider taking 100 once a week. It should be musch cheaper as you don't have to pay for a doctor or nurse twice, less equipment is needed and there would be less travelling. Plus 100 grams over 2 1/2 hours would give you a higher saturation level which is what you need with a really aggressive cancer such as ovarian.
If you add K3 and r-ala you can get a much higher saturation level with smaller amounts of IVSA and it will stay in your system longer. Don't forget your bindweed Vascustatin and imm-kine. The IVSA only kills around 65% of the cancer cells, leaving the more aggressive ones behind.(Hickney and Roberts) so you need your immune system to be in a good position to help to deal with the rest. These products really worked for me. They help to reduce vascular growth to the tumour.
I know that the finances or lack of them is a great worry but the alternative dosn't bear thinking of.
If you need any help with the IV protocol etc., please email me. I'm looking at the NDV vaccine now for ovarian cancer just in case. Also there is a lab in spain that will make a vaccination for your ovarian cancer specific to you. What direction are you looking in now?
Are you taking VPS and MorEpa? <- what is this? need to research further...

Extract about Vascustatin and Imm-Kine.
I far as I understand of what is does from the description on this page: Vascustatin inhibits the blood vessels growth. Also the page says: "Highly recommended for use in conjunction with Imm-Kine".



..."Hi I have had some hairy moments treating this cancer but would be happy to discuss with you the IVC treatment. We have just had some lab results back that confirm that IVC does kill ovarian cancer cells. We tested it in the lab at my own expense." ...



Hi I notice that many people are using the IV SA (Vitamin C) 50 grams twice a week. This dose did not work for me. My tumour marker increased in fact, it doubled in three weeks and another tumour started to protude through my abdominal wall. I increased my dose to 100 grams daily then 125grams every third day. I started the IV SA the first week of July 2006 and by mid October 2006 my scan was completely clear. One tumour on the pelvic wall had disappeared and substantial tumours on the colon had vanished but the small tumour on my abdominal wall is still here but it has almost gone. My husband is a doctor and we decided to increase to 200grams daily if need be because my ovarian cancer is so aggressive and I was going down hill very quickly. I had got to the stage where I was sleeping all day and had recurrent intestinal blockages. My fentanyl dose was 125 daily with extra morphine. I had been in a hospice and hosptial for seven months.Now I take no painkillers at all and I can shop and drive again. More importantly, I can look after my four children : 24,22,20 and 4 years old.
We did the IVSA every night in our bedroom using a very fast drip to get the high saturation levels that are needed. A slow drip did not work for me. 100grams over 2 1/2 hours. With r-ala and K2 and K1. The cost was about $1600 monthly due to the cost of the drip equipment and solutions but then again if someone had told me that if I was to pay $5000 and get well I would have thought the price was cheap!!
If the 50grams does not work and I know a few people that have not responded to it, try a higher dose at a faster drip rate. Marian.



Yes, we spoke to them all personally, Dr Cathcart charged us $350 for the telephone call the others spoke to my husband over the phone as one doctor to another. Yes we spoke to Dr Drisko also.Kansas university sent us their protocol but I personally needed a stronger dose. Everyone has been most helpful.
To get the maximum tumour kill we used K1&2 or 3. B12 is also important. Go to vitamin c foundation for more details. You can download the different protocols as need be.
Everyone is different. Mine is an extremely aggressive cancer. My tumour marker can move from 7 to 1200 in two months. My highest figure was 8500.
I usually start the drip in the evening but at times when I have been really scared I have been on a drip round the clock. Vit C is non toxic so you do what you have to do to survive.
What stage are you at? Do you have any mets? Where are you based?
Wishing you courage and peace. Marian.


Dr. Chuck Mary ( who has had great success with some highly advanced cancers administering 300 grams of vitamin C daily.



Integrative Doc at work said...

I seem to dis agree with ascites with Vit c. I have had patients on IVC and ascites never occured if their albumin was above the lower limit.

Something else must be at hand.

Anonymous said...

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